From brain waves to music: a co-produced art&tech project

control 226th December 2014 was the release date for the video project control(human, data, sound). As a co-producer for this short film about music and human-tech interaction, I supervised this production from the initial idea towards the final product- a 6:17 min. video, showing a dancer (Orlando Mardenborough) who improvises to music that is partly generated by data coming from his brain.

Director and composer Bob van Luijt wrote the music composition in code. It has its structure and fixed instruments, though many elements of the composition are determined by variables. The values of these variables are prescribed by data coming from a Brain Sensing Headband that the dancer wears. I recommend you read this article if you wonder how this works. It was thrilling to witness how the joint efforts of everyone involved resulted into this artistic exploration of the meaning of data vs. context. The project was screened in February 2015 at the International Art Expo Liquid Rooms – the Labyrinth in Venice, Italy; in March 2015 at the Venice Art Week Borders and Disorders; in June 2015 at DMY International Design Festival in Berlin, Germany; in October 2015 at the Dutch Design Week 2015 at Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven; and the project was selected as an awards Finalist for CREATE 2015 in Pittsburgh, USA, in the category art+technology.

Check out the video below.

control(human, data, sound) by Kubrickology on Vimeo.